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Feed a Feral Program

Tiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue's "Feed a Feral" program was created to assist colony feeders in Cornwall, Ontario and surrounding areas and provide them with free cat food. Our colony feeders have such kind hearts and truly care about their colony cats. Paying out of pocket adds up so quickly so we help in any way we can.


 Stray and feral cats already have a tough time trying to survive in the outdoors so ensuring them food on a regular basis is 1 less thing they have to worry about. 


With the help of our generous donors who send regular monetary donations / cat food for the colony cats and our partners at Walmart Logistics, we have been able to consistently feed many colonies of cats. 

Totals of items distributed: 

  • 2,501.72lbs of dry cat food 


  • 3,530 cans of wet cat food

  • 13 heated bowls to ensure stray/feral cats have unfrozen in the winter

(Distribution totals as of June 22nd, 2022) 

Ways You Can Help

Make a donation to help us purchase cat food for the colony cats

As the demand has been overwhelming and we are consistently running out of cat food, we are looking for monthly donors who would like to send a monetary donation of any amount so we can purchase cat food and distribute it to our community. 

Cost of items we consistently run out of: 

  • Fancy Feast Pate

  • Whiskas Dry Cat food

Are you a colony feeder? 

Are you a colony feeder who is looking to join our Feed A Feral program? Please fill out the application below. 

Once you have completed and submitted the application please request to join our "Feed A Fera" - Colony Feeders Facebook group. In this group you will find images of what items we have available at the time to claim and pick up. 

Please note that items must be picked up in Cornwall, Ontario. Details will be provided in the Facebook group. 

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